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North Shore Congregation Israel (Executive Director)

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Established in the spirit of Reform Judaism in the service of God, of Torah, and of the People Israel, North Shore Congregation Israel (NSCI) is a vibrant, warm, and exceptional community. NSCI welcomes interest and participation from anyone who seeks a connection to progressive Jewish living.

NSCI is a synagogue with deep roots and a history of excellence. Many of NSCIs families are in their 4th generation of membership. In 2020, NSCI will celebrate their 100th anniversary. The clergy and education team are stable and integrally involved in the community~ this is their home. Each member of the clergy and education team is engaged in leadership capacities locally and nationally, both inside and outside the Reform Movement.

Just as there has been a significant history, NSCI also is a synagogue and community that has evolved and is continuing to do so, with strong lay leadership who not only are open to change, but who encourage and facilitate it. NSCIs leaders generally start in grassroots action and volunteering. As a result, as they achieve higher levels of responsibility, they generally are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the community and comfortable partnering with the senior staff in building the future. Four years ago, the senior staff and lay leadership identified a substantial opportunity for growth and vision. They partnered to engage in self-evaluation and close study to see where the community was and where they wanted to be. Guided by these defining values, that effort resulted in the creation of the Strategic Direction, articulating the key ideas that now serve as the foundation for moving the congregation forward to its next great iteration. Through the implementation of the Strategic Direction, NSCI works to always be an open and purposeful community, providing inspiration, comfort, connection, and consequence for all people. Additionally, but not secondarily, NSCI works to model Judaism, not as a faith of survival, but as a faith of flourishing, whose practices enable us to transform ourselves, the community and the world from the way they are to the way they can yet be. And finally, NSCI strives to empower each person as a stakeholder, educated in how to understand, interpret and demonstrate the impact of Torah and Jewish tradition for themselves, others and the world.

The Executive Director will join the NSCI Senior Staff team at a notably exciting moment, ripe with the possibility for significant transformative work, both personally and as a part of a team. The challenges around time demand NSCI staff and its community to consider both the changing patterns of engagement with, and use of, the synagogue as an institution, as well as rethinking old assumptions around membership and dues, exploring new ways for individuals and families to engage with the congregation, all the while maintaining and growing the financial footing. In the coming years, NSCI will be actively experimenting and implementing new ideas for how best to understand and engage the community around all the ideas articulated in the Strategic Direction and fulfill its traditional mission, and the Executive Director will serve as one of the key drivers in making that process possible.