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Lawyers Alliance for New York (Director of Development)

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Each year, Lawyers Alliance for New York improves the quality of life in low-income New York City communities by providing nonprofits with vital legal services. The organizations program priorities help nonprofits to create vibrant, livable communities in five impact areas: housing and shelter, economic opportunity, quality education, urban health, and community arts. Lawyers Alliance projects strengthen nonprofits programs, operations, and finances. The organization brings the legal and practical expertise necessary for community-based and other nonprofits to make physical, social, and economic improvements in city neighborhoods where millions of children, families, the elderly, homeless, immigrants, and other low-income and disadvantaged New Yorkers live and work.

Since its founding nearly 50 years ago, Lawyers Alliance has grown into New York Citys leading pro bono provider of business and transactional legal services for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises. With a talented staff of 22, a $3.2 million annual budget, and an expansive volunteer program, Lawyers Alliance provides high quality legal counsel and education while saving nonprofits countless dollars each year.

In 2016/2017, Lawyers Alliance provided direct legal assistance to 668 nonprofit clients on 1,211 projects and offered more than 1,000 informational consultations through its Resource Call Hotline. It also grew its staff-supported pro bono program to more than 1,800 volunteer attorneys in an effort to better leverage the legal communitys professional skills and time to benefit more nonprofits. Recent program highlights include:

" Expanding special initiatives that assist healthcare providers in navigating the intricacies of New York State Medicaid reform and that provide guidance to nonprofits seeking to manage the risks of increased advocacy during a period of post-election uncertainty.
- Enabling more than 200 community redevelopment organizations, such as affordable housing groups, Business Improvement Districts, and workforce development organizations, to address contract, real estate, tax and other legal issues related to their efforts to revitalize neighborhoods and support individuals and local businesses.

- Successfully advocating for state nonprofit law amendments that improve nonprofit governance and make legal compliance more manageable for community-based and other resource-constrained nonprofits.

- Leading a national network of pro bono programs that are expanding the availability and quality of legal services for nonprofits in fifteen regions across the country


In the coming year, Lawyers Alliance aims to deepen its impact on low-income communities by representing more than 700 impactful clients on 1,300 legal matters with the assistance of its large network of volunteers drawn from major law firms and corporations. In addition, it seeks to expand its role as an advocate for New York nonprofits and enhance its work as a business law pro bono leader at the national level.

To support this growth, Lawyers Alliance seeks a Director of Development to strengthen, build and advance its established and successful fundraising program.

For more information, please visit www.lawyersalliance.org/.