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Harold Grinspoon Foundation (Director, PJ Library)

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PJ Library®, an award-winning international Jewish family engagement program created by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF), strengthens Jewish identities and serves as an outreach and family engagement vehicle, using bedtime story books as its core. In partnership with hundreds of philanthropists and Jewish organizations, PJ Library delivers the gift of free, high-quality Jewish books each month to families raising Jewish children ages six months through eight years.

PJ Library in New York

In the New York metro area, PJ Library is committed to connecting families to Jewish life through the power of PJ Library books, resources, and innovative engagement programs. Thanks to the generosity of several funders, including UJA Federation of New York, Genesis Philanthropy Group, and PJ Library Alliance funding partners, nearly 27,000 subscribers currently receive the gift of PJ Library each month. We plan to expand the program to more than 40,000 subscribers over the next three years.