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American Friends of Migdal Ohr (Chief Executive Officer)

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Migdal Ohr (“Tower of Light”) is Israel’s leading non-profit organization for children at risk, assisting individuals from across the religious and socio-economic spectrums with directed programming for people of all ages. Following graduation, many of Migdal Ohr’s students go on to serve in the IDF or participate in National Service, leading them towards lives as productive adults. Most notably, Migdal Ohr alumni are among Israel’s top doctors, lawyers, community leaders, business professionals, army generals, and Knesset members.

As this highly regarded organization approaches 50 years of groundbreaking results for addressing pressing social service needs, the leadership of the American Friends of Migdal Ohr (AFMO) views the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as a compelling opportunity to advance the organization at a turning point in its history.

This is a prime opportunity for the CEO to be the principal architect of the development program; one which supports the organization’s mission and programs, both current and future; a chance to leverage Migdal Ohr’s stellar achievements and reputation, and committed base of support to ensure the legacy for future generations of Israeli children at risk.

AFMO is seeking a CEO to lead the revenue-generation efforts of the organization. Are you forward-thinking and thrive on working with leaders who are passionate about accelerating the impact of the organization’s critical mission? Do you have a proven track-record of developing and implementing philanthropic strategies that lead to significant revenue growth? Are you able to demonstrate capacity to engage high powered key stakeholders?

Then this is a unique opportunity to apply that skill-set and knowledge to build for long term impact and sustainability.

“Breaking the cycle of poverty and bettering the lives of the thousands of children in our care”.

Founded 45 years ago by Israel Prize Winner Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, Migdal Ohr currently serves more than 12,000 orphaned, impoverished, abandoned, abused and new immigrant children across Israel at its three campuses and 160 youth clubs. Migdal Ohr provides indigent children (from birth to adulthood) with an outstanding education, a loving home, clothing, food, medical care, psychological counseling, and recreational activities.

Some of their programs include:
• Day Care Centers which provide tender, loving care to infants aged three months to three years old
• Kindergartens where pre-school age children get a proper start on the educational path
• Primary and Secondary school systems for boys and girls, with full dormitory facilities, laboratories, computer centers, libraries, and youth centers, where emphasis is placed on individual attention to each child's needs
• Prisoner rehabilitation programs in Israel's prisons. The recidivism rate among the "graduates" of Migdal Ohr's rehabilitation activities stands at about 10%, a sharp contrast to the 90% in the general prison population
• Occupational Training Center offering young adult education courses responsive to the requirements of government and industry. Courses fall into three categories:
o Occupational Diploma Courses
o Education extension courses
o After school enrichment programs

Founded in 1987, the mission of the American Friends of Migdal Ohr (AFMO) is to raise funds for, and awareness of, Migdal Ohr across the United States by highlighting the extraordinary lifesaving work. Led by a dedicated and passionate board, AFMO plays a crucial role in sustaining Rav Grossman’s vision of creating a child-centered, world class social service organization committed to making a difference in Israel’s future.

Tax deductible donations to AFMO contribute to innovative programs, construction of new buildings and scholarships, as well as fill critical gaps in funding not met by the Israeli government, tuition, grants, and other income.

Additional information about Migdal Ohr and the American Friends of Migdal Ohr can be found on their websites at www.migdalohr.org and www.migdalohrusa.org.