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YRF Darca (Chief Development Officer)

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Opportunity for Impact
Israel currently faces one of the largest and fastest growing gaps in educational achievement between rich and poor. An under-educated population puts Israels predominantly knowledge-based economy at risk. Through Darca schools, Israeli children discover and harness the power of education to improve quality of life for themselves, their communities, and their country.

Youth Renewal Fund (formerly YRF Darca) is the philanthropic funding partner for the Darca network of schools in Israel. Darca provides Israeli high school students in lower income communitiesregardless of ability, religion, birthplace, geographic or socio-economic statusan excellent education designed to improve social mobility. The schools emphasize academic achievement and the values of tolerance, democracy, and active participation in national and community life.

The Youth Renewal Fund (YRF) leadership views the appointment of its new Chief Development Officer (CDO) as a unique and compelling leadership opportunity to be a principle architect of a development program that strengthens Israels schools, communities, and educational landscape.

YRF seeks a proven, dynamic, and inspiring strategic leader with superior relationship skills and demonstrated success in building capacity and increasing revenue to become its Chief Development Officer. The successful candidate must have an authentic passion for the mission, demonstrated success as an engaging fundraiser and be a highly articulate communicator skilled at making a compelling case for support.

Changing Israel's schools, communities and educational landscape
is a solvable problem.

Background and Mission
YRFs mission is to raise money to strengthen the under-served society in Israel's periphery, by creating a groundbreaking enriched and efficient educational system, through access to an educational experience comparable to that available to the wealthier communities.

The Darca network's educational vision states that every child in Israel's school system has the right to realize his potential for excellence regardless of his place of residence, parents' education, or any other environmental factor.

Darca schools serve over 15,000 students each day in the countrys peripheral communities. Like a charter school network in the United States, Darca improves schools not only by managing them more effectively, but also by creating excellence through innovation in curriculum and teaching methods. The network today includes 30 widely dispersed educational institutions, from Kiryat Shmona in the north all the way to the Arava in the far south. Among these institutions are religious and non-religious high schools, a Druze school, an Arab school and all-girl schools for religious young women who combine secular and religious studies. Darca also operates two innovative English learning centers serving students from different schools and ages, where Jewish and Arab students regularly meet and study English together.

Additional information on Youth Renewal Fund can be found on the web www.youthrenewalfund.org.