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Yeshivah of Flatbush (Director of Development)

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Opportunity For Impact

Yeshivah of Flatbush (“YOF”) is so much more than the largest Orthodox Jewish day school in North America. For 90 years, the school has stood at the forefront of American Jewish education and has set the standard of excellence emulated by other academic institutions. It has imbued its students with a thirst for knowledge, a commitment to Zionism, a love of the Hebrew language and the dedication to serve the greater Jewish and secular communities. The school philosophy is a synthesis of Judaic studies, liberal arts and extracurricular activities that places great emphasis on the students' character development. It has evolved into a unique complement of Jewish and American values that focuses on all aspects of education and enables graduates to not just meet the challenges of college, but the challenges of life. The school has an unparalleled reputation as one of the most selective and demanding schools of its kind in North America, and remains committed to fostering its core values of excellence, innovation and leadership.

Yeshivah of Flatbush educates over 2,100 children from about 1,200 families, and its students and teachers come from many backgrounds. YOF boasts over 11,000 alumni, many of whom are engaged in leadership roles in supporting the academic, extracurricular, operational, capital and tuition assistance needs of the school, and are determined to help YOF continue its legacy for future generations. Two alumni have won the Nobel Prize, one is a Justice of the Israeli Supreme Court and many are pathfinders in the arts and sciences and leaders in communities around the world.

YOF has an annual operating budget in excess of $40 million. YOF owns and operates five buildings, totaling approximately 250,000 square feet, which together house classrooms and office space for the preschool, elementary school and high school. The school is in the midst of its Blueprint for Excellence capital campaign, which will add a 35,000 square foot student-centered building to the High School, and culminate in a modern refurbishing of the current high school building. The school has already raised over $22 million towards a goal of over $30 million and has commenced construction.

The leadership of the Yeshivah of Flatbush views the appointment of its next Director of Development as a compelling opportunity to advance the school at a turning point in its history; an opportunity to leverage its academic reputation, broad base of support and capital campaign success to ensure the legacy for future generations of students.

Background and Mission

A Yeshivah of Flatbush education is the first essential step in a lifelong pursuit of knowledge, achievement, leadership and success. Since 1927, YOF has led the way to significant advances in Jewish education. From learning Ivrit b’Ivrit, to integrating Hessed into the curriculum, launching a post-high school year in Israel and introducing interdisciplinary and Advanced Placement courses, they are renowned for excellence and innovation.

YOF’s larger scale encourages students to explore, learn and grow as individuals, preparing them to embrace all that life offers. The school is a vibrant learning lab with a rich program of core curricular and extracurricular classes and activities focused on educating the complete child. Committed to a philosophy of Torah U’Maddah (Torah and secular knowledge), the school has programs in all fields of study that enable students to build confidence while exploring and developing their interests, talents and passion for learning.

Thousands of graduates are leaders in religion, the sciences, humanities, education, business, media, the arts, public service and academia.

Additional information on the Yeshivah of Flatbush can be found on its website at www.flatbush.org.