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“Jerusalem stands at the crossroads of civilization, faith and history, holding within its gates relevance and meaning to billions of people around the world. A city that is relevant for its inhabitants is a city that provides opportunities for its residents.”

50 years ago, Teddy Kollek became the first Mayor to preside over a unified Jerusalem. Kollek, Jerusalem’s mayor for 28 years, recognized and guarded the sacredness of each holy site within Jerusalem’s boundaries, spearheaded the development of new neighborhoods, built public parks and schools, and created world-class cultural institutions, putting a modern face on an ancient city. He acknowledged each person’s right to live in and be an active part of Jerusalem’s vibrant community. He created the Jerusalem Foundation as the vehicle for funding and implementing this vision.

The stated mission of The Jerusalem Foundation is to shape a modern, unified and vibrant city by creating opportunities for all Jerusalem residents. We identify and respond to the needs of Jerusalem, enhancing Jerusalem's contribution to people of all faiths, sharing the city with our partners and friends worldwide and inspiring new generations to take part in Jerusalem’s future. The Foundation raises the funds to support project and programs that impact the city and its residents. These projects are significant ventures, require constant funding, and they are supported through endowments and major gifts. Jerusalem Foundation projects rely heavily on strategic partnerships with the Jerusalem municipality, national ministries and other stakeholders in Jerusalem.

Since its founding in 1966, the Jerusalem Foundation has completed over 4000 projects. From small neighborhood parks to world-renowned landmarks, the Jerusalem Foundation is enhancing the life and vitality of every resident and every neighborhood of Jerusalem. Several of the best known projects include: Tisch Family Zoological Gardens, The Wilf Independence Park, The Koret Liberty Bell Park, Haas and Goldman Promenades, in Armon Hanatziv, Teddy Kollek Stadium, The Tower of David Museum of the History of Jerusalem, and Renovation of the Via Dolorosa. They have also built and/or renovated 21 community centers around the city and numerous synagogues.

In addition to capital projects, the Jerusalem Foundation supports programs and organizations in the areas of Economic Growth, Education, Vulnerable Populations, Dialogue, and Heritage.

The Jerusalem Foundation Inc. is a New York based 501C3 organization whose mission is to promote and raise funds for The Jerusalem Foundation in the US. It has a board of directors who guide and support its work. Several of the board members also serve on the JF International Board of Directors. The Executive Director, operating with a small staff has been responsible for raising $12-$14 million dollars annually in recent years. The Foundation enjoys years of support from many of the leading families and foundations in the American Jewish community. The Jerusalem also maintains offices has offices in Israel, Canada, and the UK.