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Union for Reform Judaism (Executive Vice President)

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The Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) builds community at every level—from the way they collaborate with congregations, organizations, and individuals to how they make connections across North America to advance contemporary and inclusive Jewish life. Providing vision and voice to transform the way people connect to Judaism, URJ helps congregations stay relevant and innovative, motivate more young Jews to embrace Jewish living, agitate for a more progressive society, and foster meaningful connections to Israel.

Founded in 1873, URJ has grown into the largest and most powerful force in North American Jewish life, with nearly 900 member congregations and work that inspires, connects, and educates an estimated 1.5M Jews. URJ’s legacy, reach, leadership, and vision enable them to unite thousands of years of tradition with a modern, evolving Judaism to strengthen Jewish communities today and for future generations.

URJ’s key strategic priorities are:
• Strengthening Congregations
• Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) through the Religious Action Center
• Audacious Hospitality: Being inclusive and welcoming to all
• Youth Engagement

The organization has a budget of $93M, which comes from member congregations, programming and philanthropic efforts that are initiated by the URJ, its camps, and other entities. More than 300 individuals are employed by the URJ year-round, and that number grows to thousands during the summer, when its 15 camps and most of its youth travel programs are in session.
The URJ is working toward an ambitious strategic plan that focuses on aligning each part of the organization toward the URJ’s bold and exciting vision for the future of Reform Judaism. Entitled 2020: A Clear View of Our Future, the plan is driven by the organization’s key values, as well as a commitment to ensure a strong Jewish future.

For more information, please visit www.urj.org.