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West Side Campaign Against Hunger (Executive Director (Search Closed))

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Known nationwide for innovation and advocacy, West Side Campaign Against Hunger’s (WSCAH) mission is to alleviate hunger and create a culture that promotes self-reliance. Located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, WSCAH provides 1,690,595 pounds of food per year to 112,796 hungry New Yorkers from all over the City and changes perceptions of hungry people by working in partnership with them, providing food with dignity, and empowering customers to find solutions.

The supermarket-style food pantry is the gateway to many social service programs. On-site, WSCAH counselors provide:
• Assistance with SNAP and health insurance enrollment.
• Financial and legal services.
• Nutrition and exercise classes.
• A 12-week Chef Training Program, which helps customers learn to prepare healthy meals for their families and provides job-readiness skills.

Additionally, WSCAH counselors connect clients to partner agencies throughout the city.

WSCAH operates with a paid staff of 21 and hundreds of customer-volunteers. The organization has an annual budget of $3.5 million. For more information, please visit their website at www.wscah.org.