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SERV Behavioral Health System (Chief Executive Officer (Search closed))

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Founded in 1976, SERV Behavioral Health System, Inc. (SBHS) is a private statewide, not-for-profit behavioral healthcare organization with a mission to provide housing, support and services to special-needs populations.

Remaining focused on personal dignity and quality of care, SERV utilizes a continuum of services that are tailored to meet individual needs. Its goal is to assist consumers to live and work successfully in their communities.

Housing and supportive services are integrated into a broad-based approach that addresses the most basic needs of each individual (food, shelter, clothing) while allowing clients to safely adjust to living in the community and gradually build a more independent life.

SHBS is comprised of five companies, and is among the largest agencies of its kind in the country. With a focus on both mental health and developmental disabilities, SBHS provides myriad services to adults, children and families in order to help them live and work successfully in their communities.

The SBHS operating companies include the following:

• SERV Centers of New Jersey, Inc. (SERV) provides services for adults with mental illness. SERV maintains three regional offices in New Jersey (Northern, Central , and Southern) which oversee 44 group homes, 82 apartments, 17 family care sites, two adult partial-care programs, and a community mental health center

• SERV Achievement Centers, Inc. (SERV Achieve) focuses on allowing and supporting individuals with developmental disabilities to successfully remain in the community. SERV Achieve maintains one primary office in Mercer County and oversees 22 group homes, 24 supervised apartments, six family care providers, two vocational day programs, home-based services, and a mobile crisis response team.

• SERV Foundation, Inc. works to raise money to support the programs and services that both service organizations provide and to increase awareness in the communities where SBHS operates.

• SERV Properties and Management, Inc. specializes in the planning, development and management of housing for special populations ranging from building affordable housing for seniors to managing residences for disabled youth and adults living in the community.

• Advanced Health Management, LLC (AHM) provides management services to the other member companies. Those functions consist of marketing, human resources, utilization management/access, management information systems, quality management and financial management

SERV Behavioral Health Systems, Inc. has a total budget of $45M and over 800 staff. SBHS serves approximately 1500 consumers in 10 counties in New Jersey, with its corporate headquarters in Ewing, NJ. For more information, please visit www.servbhs.net.