DRG Executive Search Consultants

We at DRG are often asked by employers for salary surveys that will help establish appropriate nonprofit compensation levels. While these surveys can be helpful, each institution must take into account many factors are difficult to sum up in salary survey, such as geographical region, size of budget, type of organization, and specific responsibilities when determining their salaries.

Bonus/Incentive Trends in Nonprofits

In this interview with Paul Gavejian, managing director of a human resources consulting firm, the data regarding bonus and incentive trends in nonprofit organizations from a 2007/2008 survey are highlighted. Gavejian addresses the growing prevalence of formal bonus plans for nonprofit executives along with what this growth is attributed to in his professional opinion. Click here to read further.

The NonProfit Times Salary Survey

The Nonprofit Times salary survey tracks the earnings of nine executive management, fundraising, and technology positions nationwide. Click here to read further (The survey is available through the NP Times for a fee.)

Total Compensation Trends in Nonprofits

In part 2 of the interview with Paul Gavejian, total compensation trends are discussed. Gavejian sheds light on how trends in compensation affect competitiveness of salaries, and how compensation shifts will impact the ability of nonprofits to compete in the marketplace for executive talent. Click here to read further.

Innovative Compensation Practices in Nonprofit Organizations

Over the last several years, interest in nonprofit compensation has been growing. The growing understanding of the need to recruit and retain quality staff has added to the concern over how to structure compensation policies and programs to be fair and competitive. Incentive plans and other innovative compensation and human resources practices are becoming critical elements in the organizational strategy of many nonprofit organizations. Click here to read further.