DRG Executive Search Consultants

DRG´s search process includes five proactive phases: Discovery; Creating the Pool (Research & Outreach); Candidate Assessment; Selection; and Successful Conclusions.


We learn about your specific leadership challenges. Our objective is not just to fill an open box on an organizational chart. Rather, we help an organization pinpoint current challenges, develop concrete objectives, and articulate a vision for growth.

Initially, we spend a day or more meeting with your staff, volunteers, and consultants to build consensus about where your organization is going and the experience and skills required in a new executive to help you get there. We learn what issues have led to the search, how the position fits in with your future goals, and what you hope the new executive will accomplish during their tenure. We help define the roles of your staff, board, and other volunteers in the selection process. Subsequently, we gather written information and work closely with you to design a search strategy that spells out the framework in how the search will be conducted and a timetable for each phase up to the point of hire.

From these meetings we better understand your organization´s culture, mission, challenges, hopes, and vision. We gain agreement about goals and expectations, and you fully understand your role in the search process.

To conclude the discovery phase, we draft a position description for the search leaders to review and approve. The description outlines the challenges of the position, experience and characteristics needed to meet those challenges, and long-term objectives the new executive will be asked to achieve. And, at the end of the discovery period, we develop a needs-based recruitment strategy that launches the process into the next phase. 

Creating the Pool

We reach out to develop a diverse pool of qualified applicants. Once the position description is approved, the DRG team creates a tailored strategy for outreach, drawing upon the firm´s rich and diverse resources–including a growing proprietary database of more than 15,000 nonprofit executives. We also draw from our collective national network of contacts, including contacting senior executives for their personal thoughts and recommendations. In addition to telephone outreach and personal contacts–our most efficient methods–we expand our research and outreach using mail and targeted advertising.

As we connect with potential candidates, we review resumes and conduct detailed telephone screens. Our consultants–highly trained and skilled in interviewing–have several conversations with each candidate and meet with those best qualified before making recommendations to the search committee. In every search, we extend our reach to include women and minorities who would make exceptional candidates.
Candidate Assessment

We evaluate each candidate´s strengths and potential against the expectations expressed in the position description. Through a combination of multiple telephone and in-person interviews, DRG´s recruiters will evaluate all candidates based upon parameters established in the position description. We assess the core competencies and appropriateness of each candidate for the position. Before we present a prospect to you, we review resumes in detail, share the job description and materials about the client with the candidate, conduct telephone and in-person interviews, and seek at least one reference or referral from a past employer or colleague. The prospective candidate will have carefully reviewed the position description, organization´s materials, and expressed a strong interest in pursuing the position.

Once we´ve narrowed down the pool of candidates and arranged for the candidates to be interviewed, we prepare candidate assessment documents and interview materials for the search leaders. As needed, we help organize the interviewing process and assist with the logistics.


We facilitate the selection process. Naturally, the client spends time interviewing the selected candidates and ultimately chooses the one who they believe is most promising. We help prepare interview questions and candidate assessment materials to guide the interview process. In many instances, our consultants serve as facilitators–helping search committee members focus their questions, probe for responses, and facilitate the decision making process, making sure that the selection adheres to the core issues and needs defined at the outset of the process.

In addition, we gather reference information about the finalists from past employers, subordinates, colleagues, and volunteers. We also conduct education checks and, when asked, are able to provide security checks and performance testing.

Successful Conclusions

We ensure a smooth transition. When the search committee is confident they have found a candidate who "fits" the position profile, DRG helps to foster a competitive, win-win employment offer. After an agreement is negotiated, we follow up to make sure the candidate has a successful transition into the organization. If needed, we work with you to address any matters that may arise during the transition. And for up to six months or longer, we stay in touch with our clients and the candidate to monitor the organization´s progress and the new executive´s work.