DRG Executive Search Consultants


Two Ten Footwear Foundation, search for President
DRG was selected to support the search for the President of the Foundation. We selected DRG because they had a long list of impressive placements, and that they were truly ready to help us drive the process. David Cheng and his team did a fantastic job at presenting all very high quality candidates to the search committee. He then worked closely with the Committee to help us reach a decision. That's very important - DRG advised us on a decision and really helped the committee make the final decision. I will point out too that DRG represented the Foundation at a high level and engaged all candidates in a highly professional manner. I know I speak for the committee when I say that our experience with DRG matched the expectation we had when we selected them to represent the Foundation. I would engage them again to handle our executive searches.

- Jim Salzano
President, Clarks Americas
Board Chair, Two Ten International Footwear Foundation

Maine Coast Heritage Trust, search for President
I want to thank Mary Wheeler and Jill Moscowitz for the wonderful job they did with the MCHT search. They found some outstanding candidates for us. We appreciated their professionalism and their very timely manner of conducting the search and I enjoyed working with them. As you know the selected candidate was a possibility from the beginning but the committee wanted to conduct a thorough search and to have him compete for the position.

- Dawn Kidd
Chair, Search Committee


Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, search for Chief Development Officer
I served on the talent sourcing committee for the selection of a Chief Development Officer for our organization. We were looking for someone with the experience, polish and abilities to develop a staff and process towards ensuring double-digit growth in this area.  Thanks to the efforts of David Cheng and his team at DRG, we found several individuals who could satisfy these high expectations. We were able to hire a well-respected, well-known executive who has been doing a terrific job for us.

David met with us on a continuous basis during the search to calibrate and refine our requirements and expectations, and he was able to introduce a significant number of highly qualified candidates.  He was outstanding at briefing us on candidate strength and weaknesses and always called for thorough debrief after interviews.  I'd highly recommend David and his team to any organization in search for top talent in their leadership ranks.

- Philip Kozlowski
Senior Vice President for Human Resources, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


Oshman Family JCC,  search for a CEO
I was the chair of our search committee to find a new CEO for our Jewish Community Center.  We were at a seminal moment in our history and had a tremendous opportunity to find a CEO who would work together with our board and vibrant community to build on our successes and bring the organization forward to new heights.  We were looking for a search firm who intimately understood the landscape of the Jewish non-profit world and had deep connections to it, and who also would be able to access the talent and innovative spirit of Silicon Valley.  We interviewed 8 search firms and confidently chose DRG and David Edell to lead our search.

David’s professionalism and expertise was evident in all that he did, and in every interaction we had. David took the time to get to know our organization and its players in order to fully understand our needs and help us articulate what we were looking for.  He inspired confidence in our staff, board and donors. He consistently went the extra mile to be available and helpful and he skillfully guided our process to an excellent and exciting conclusion.  As chair of the committee, David and I worked very closely together and I felt that this was a true highlight of the experience for me.  He was always respectful, honest and collaborative.   He was a true advocate for the process and for the organization.  Although I hope to never have the need in the near future to run another search, I would be honored and excited to work with David again.   

- Sharon Leslie
Board and Search Chair, Oshman Family JCC


Mary Cariola Children's Center,  search for President and CEO
After an exhausting nine month process of attempting to recruit on our own a successor for our retiring president/CEO, we turned to DRG for support and guidance. Sue Waterbury and her team worked brilliantly and respectfully with our Search & Transition team, taking the time to learn about our culture, vision, and needs.  They developed a process that blended perfectly with the structure and people already in place and provided all the professional support and "heavy lifting" that was a welcomed relief.  The end result was terrific, as in five short months we would our perfect candidate and next leader, who we couldn't be more pleased with.  From beginning to end, DRG proved to be the right business partner for such a critical step in preserving our organization's mission and vision.

- James E. DeVoe
Board Chairman, Mary Cariola Children's Services


BronxWorks, search for Executive Director
Mary Wheeler, Sue Waterbury and Kelsey Blagdon provided advice that was invaluable and their identification of a very impressive group of candidates made the whole process very rewarding.  Be assured that we will speak well of DRG and their services as the occasion may arise.

- David McLean
Board Chair, BronxWorks


New York University, searches for Vice President of Development and Executive Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing
Having worked at New York University in a fundraising capacity over the past 20 years, I have had the professional pleasure of working with several executive search firms. Most recently, as Senior Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations (covering 16 colleges and schools with the University), I have worked with DRG, Inc., specifically David Cheng - one of our very own alumnus - and I am amazed and satisfied with their ability to listen and understand the needs of their clients. They truly understand the breadth and depth of our educational and fundraising mission and, as a result, have surfaced many wonderful employee candidates for us. DRG, Inc always thinks "outside the box" and delivers professional talent from many diverse sources. These DRG candidates have become viable, senior members of our department's team. I strongly endorse DRG, Inc. as our executive search vendor of choice.

- Debra LaMorte
Senior Vice President for Development and Alumni


Food Bank For New York City, search for Chief Financial Officer
When Lisa and I met with David Edell over lunch, he called David [Cheng] the best. I will admit, that we categorized that as "what you have to say, when your team member's sitting there with the new client." Well, sir when I'm wrong I say I'm wrong. David Cheng, like DRG, is the best, and we're so grateful to have our faith restored in "hired experts." This has been one of the most pleasant, productive and worthwhile experiences we've had the good fortune of being a part of! Far too many "hired guns" rest on the power of brand - it's good to know that there are still companies willing to work as hard as their charity clients to ensure success! We're thrilled to turn over our next search to their more than capable team and will happily recommend DRG at any time.

- Margarette Purvis


Jim Joseph Foundation, search for Executive Director
As a candidate for a position for which DRG conducted the search, I found DRG to be exceptional. I was kept well informed throughout the search process, enabling me to be well prepared for each step in what eventually resulted in my securing a superb professional position. Of particular note is that DRG has continued to provide good guidance and counsel to me.

In my role as a chief executive, I have asked DRG to conduct searches for organizations which the foundation I lead funds. DRG has been great in uncovering - and attracting - talent. Their management of the search and interview processes is top notch.

- Chip Edelsberg, Ph.D
Executive Director


Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter, search for Executive Director
I worked extensively with Mary Wheeler of DRG in our recent search for an Executive Director at the Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter. Mary was superb at listening to our board and challenging us to think carefully about the type of leader we wanted in our organization. She also marshaled DRG resources to interview and select exceptional candidates for our review. In the end, we were extremely pleased with the candidate we selected and are grateful for Mary's hard work and expertise.

- David Oliver
Board President


Nationwide Children's Hospital, search for Foundation President
Our President-Foundation search was of critical importance to the hospital and our broader community constituents.  David Cheng and the DRG team did a great job of understanding our needs, sourcing numerous viable candidates that were previously unknown to us and delivering candidates who had true interest in the position, and interviewed very well.  Ultimately, the search was very successful and we were able to attract and hire a candidate who met our aspirations--something that would not have happened with DRG and David's great work.

- Rick Miller
President - Nationwide Children's Hospital


Clark Regional Foundation for the Promotion of Health, search for CEO
I chaired the 6 member search committee that was charged with the difficult task of finding the first CEO for our newly established foundation. After interviewing several search firm we decided on DRG. We were looking for a partnership that would provide our foundation great leadership during this process. From the very start we knew that David Cheng was that partner. He was engaged from day one, helping us every step of the way. After our first search ended in disappointment when the selected candidate ran into personal issues and was not able to make the transition David continued with the same level of enthusiasm.

After much hard work the foundation now has a highly qualified and experienced new CEO. It has been a delight working with David, I would recommend David and DRG's services for anyone with recruitment needs. David was the professional that our foundation absolutely had to have to find the successful candidate that we required.

- Steve McClure
Search Committee Chair


Jewish Child and Family Services of Chicago, search for Chief Executive Officer
I was head of the 12 member search committee as we looked for a new CEO for our $30 MM agency. We interviewed several search firms, and David Edell and DRG were without comparison. He helped design our search process, got us a good number of qualified candidates to interview, and was always available to us throughout the process. We were not able to reach an agreement with the finalist and needed to begin again. This was a disappointment to all of us, and I'm sure to David, although he never let me know that. He was as energetic and thorough during the second round of outreach and we ultimately engaged a terrific new CEO. I can recommend David and DRG's knowledgeable staff without qualification. I was relieved and disappointed in the end of our search - we had found just what we were looking for, but that meant my working relationship with David was over for the moment. Now, one year later, I am can report that David has remained in contact with us during the CEO's first year and that our new CEO has proved to be the leader we needed as our staff and Board try to provide a high level of service during these tough financial times.

- Judy Feldman
Chair of Search Committee


Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden, search for Chief Executive Officer
DRG and its staff did an extraordinary job from our first meeting to our last in building a pool of excellent candidates, and then narrowing it down to a manageable number. The guidance we received from David Cheng along the way was solid and invaluable. There was never a moment when we felt DRG was not at our side as we moved the selection process. Totally professional and thorough is the best way to describe the firm and its people.

- Brian J. Laline
Board Secretary


Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, search for Executive Director
Months into our search for an Executive Director we had a major setback. Our finalist candidate was suddenly no longer in a position to consider our opportunity. DRG quickly marshaled the necessary resources, to ensure that we could efficiently extend our outreach while maintaining our exceptionally high standards. We considered panicking. They did not. And in the end, David Edell and Daniel Ripps, our DRG team, managed to interest several promising candidates who had been unavailable during our first go-round. Following a thorough vetting process, we made an offer and successfully filled the position with a wonderful individual. I'm not saying I would ever want to go through this again - but if I ever have to, I know whom I will call.

- Bethany Hornthal
Past President and Search Committee Chair



Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children, search for Executive Director
It was a pleasure to work with Mary Wheeler and to have at our disposal her extensive experience and knowledge. We were fortunate to have connected with her and DRG at the beginning of the process.

- Robin Dahlberg
Chair, Search Committee


Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston, search for Executive Director
As chair of a search committee seeking an Executive Director to replace an iconic figure who had been in the position for 20 years, and having never headed up a national search, I felt enormous community pressure to find an outstanding candidate. David Edell and Mark Seal really dug in and helped us articulate what we were looking for. Mark then took the lead and found us a truly remarkable group of finalists, diverse not only geographically, but in just about every other way imaginable! The search resulted in our finding an outstanding candidate who we would never have found without Mark's intelligence, sense of our organization and dogged determination. In retrospect, the most impressive part was that I believe Mark knew who the right choice was fairly early in the process, but masterfully guided us through our deliberations so that the final decision was 100% owned by our organization.

- Phil Rosenblatt
Vice President and Search Committee Chair


Maine Sea Coast Mission, search for Executive Director
We are very grateful for Mary Wheeler's terrific help with our search. She led us to two excellent but different choices to consider. It really challenged us to carefully re-examine our search goals--a good thing. We achieved a strong consensus on our decision and as we begin to introduce our new director within and outside of the organization, we are getting strong signals that we made the right choice.

- Jill Goldthwait
Search Chair - Board of Directors

Simon Youth Foundation, search for Chief Executive Officer and Chief Development Officer
"I have worked with DRG in the search for executives for the Simon Youth Foundation over the course of ten years. During that time, DRG has continually grown to know our needs as an organization, and has been a great partner in finding the right candidate for each period of time in our organization's life cycle. As a client, I've found that if you don't strike a balance between controlling costs and finding the right candidate, you'll waste time and money. When DRG is given the resources to meet with candidates nationwide, you will see the quality of the candidate pool increase substantially as compared to a very tight travel budget. That said, DRG is very cost conscious to its clients. Another piece of advice: maintain your partnership with DRG. After the first hire, DRG has a full understanding of your needs and can make the next search process that much easier."

- Bob Estes
Vice President of Financial Operations, Simon Property Groups